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партнер Лайтхаус Гольф Ризорт

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Лайтхаус Гольф Ризорт - удобства и факты

рум - сервис, ресторан, лобби бар, подземная парковка, услуги консьержа, помещение для хранения вещей, открытый бассейн, фитнес центр, массаж

Удобства in Лайтхаус Гольф Ризорт - Балчик

кондиционер в отеле: да
кондиционер в номерах : да
сейф на рецепции: да, бесплатно
интернет в отеле: да, бесплатно
интернет в номерах : да, бесплатно
рецепшин: 24 часа
лифт: да
парковка: да, бесплатно
Shuttle bus to the beach: да, бесплатно, summer season - 10.06.-10.09.
гостиная: да, бесплатно
Уголок с телевизором: да
кредитные карты: да
бизнес център: да, оплачено
конференц-зал / банкетный зал: да
прачечная / химчистка: да
сооружения для инвалидов: да

Уборка номеров:

уборка: каждый день
смена постельного белья: каждый день
смена полотенец: каждый день


Ресторан (ы): да
Бар (ы): да
снек-бар: да
лобби бар: да

Основной ресторан
Ресторан а- ла - кард
Лобби бар
Коктейль бар


открытый бассейн: да, неотапливаемых
крытый бассейн: да, бесплатно
лежаки: да, бесплатно
зонтики: да, бесплатно
Полотенца: да, бесплатно
Spa center: да
массаж: да, оплачено
финтес зал: да, бесплатно
сауна: да, бесплатно
паровая баня: да, бесплатно
Turkish bath: да, бесплатно
Infrared sauna: да, бесплатно
джакузи: да, бесплатно
СПА-процедуры: да, оплачено

Located in the 5 star Hotel and due to open mid-2011, Lighthouse Spa & Wellness Center will boast hydro pool, treatment rooms, gym, sauna and steam room, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure and relaxation area. Stretching on an area over 3000 sq.m, it will be the perfect complement to the Luxury Lighthouse lifestyle for hotel guests and homeowners.


Healing bath with cozy warmth functioning as a sweating sauna. Heated walls and benches provide pleasant comfort. Permanent temperature of 60° C causes slow and tender body warming and a more intensive cleaning and removal of toxins. The ideal combination between aroma and calm music contributes to the full relaxation of the body and soul.


The Caldarium is helping to benefit the respiratory system and softening the skin, the temperature and humidity is not as hot and steamy as a modern steam room.

Frigidarium or Adventure Showers

Cooling showers are taken between the heat rooms. The Frigidarium provides ice shavings to enhance the cooling process, stimulating circulation and refreshing the body between heat experiences. With the adventure showers you can experience a tropical storm

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the hottest of the heat rooms A dry bath of low air humidity and temperature from 95o C to 110 grad C. Hot and cold alteration, and rest stages are typical features of the classically arranged sauna that help the improvement of blood circulation, assisting the process of eliminating toxins and reinforce the immune system.

Infra-Red Sauna

The Infra-Red Sauna is a dry cabin in which the body is warmed not by the room temperature, but by waves within the infrared spectrum. Infrared radiation heats up only the body down to a depth of 2 to 4 cm, and not the cabin indoor environment. This method is no burden to the heart and thus it can be used without any worry from persons suffering from high blood pressure. It helps to decompose deposits of fatty matter in cellulite formations. Useful for persons suffering from asthma, skin allergies, it cleans the body from toxins and contributes to the discharge of vessel deposits and other noxious substances.

Steam Baths

Steam Baths exert heat of about 45° C with 100% air humidity, which leads to pleasant sweat making the skin smooth and tender. The advantages of the Steam Bath are care for the hair and skin and their regeneration, as well as relief for the lungs. Steam Baths have a cleaning effect too. Special materials in the premises and the aroma appropriate for the different seasons according to Aroma-therapy philosophy add special charm to the experience of the Steam Bath.

Massage Rooms

The Lighthouse Spa and Wellness Center offers 7 spacious massage rooms with beautiful interior design each, special massage tables and equipment. You can enjoy and relaxing classical massage or experiment with our special chocolate treatments or rejuvenate your skin with a gentle body scrub.

whirlpool bath

The Spa Center offers several whirlpool baths both indoors and outdoors for a full relaxation and gentle massage.


зал для игр: да, оплачено
бильярд: да, оплачено
настольный теннис: да, оплачено

Роскошный СПА центр отеля предлагает богатый выбор спа процедур и удобств, таких как бассейн, сауна, паровая баня,, джакузи, фитнес зал, массажи, терапии для лица и тела, оздоровительные И косметологическиЕ процедуры.
Кроме гольф поля, комплекс предлагает спортивный комплекс, крытый и открытый бассейны, верховую езду и разнообразные условия для водных видов спорта.

Услуги для детей:

домашние любимцы: да, less than 10 kg, a surcharge of 10.00 eur per night is due and refundable deposit of 200 eur.

детская кроватка: да, оплачено, 5 евро в день
детский стульчик: да, бесплатно

Лайтхаус Гольф Ризорт - Бизнес-услуги

We are able to offer teams, groups, and weddings, a wide selection of luxury accommodations that are fully serviced on a daily basis. The accommodation includes air conditioning, mini-bar, satellite TV and a high-speed wired LAN connection. The Villas and Apartments are also equipped with pools. We have various conference facilities located at the resort from our large function room catering for 300 people to small meeting rooms of 20 people. Our conference rooms are fully equipped to handle all your meeting requirements and a selection of break-out rooms are available.